Journalist Javier Sahagún Obituary – former member of Televisa, dead | Cause of death

A shame to learn of the death of @Javier_Sahagun, a sports journalist in every sense of the word and inspiration for those of us who seek to make our way in this.

A few days after family and friends asked to donate blood to his colleagues, members of the Sports News League expressed their condolences for his sensitive death. On Wednesday, October 27, former Televisa Deportes chronicler Javier Sahagún passed away. A few days after several family and friends asked to provide blood donors for his medical services, reporters who shared his career with him, such as Alberto Lati and David Faitelson, confirmed the news.

Regarding his health, on March 23, 2020 he published the latest news on social networks with the following information: “Today I became a cancer survivor. I finished radiation therapy and started a new Life. I’m very lucky. I do not have any other option. but to enjoy everything that lies ahead and the great challenges it can bring. Thanks to all who ask and help me.

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