Joyce Reed death and obituary – Director at College Goals Passed Away – cause of death

In 2003, I retired from Brown University with the goal of leveraging the ever-expanding tools of technology to create a uniquely qualified counseling practice that provides exceptional levels of instruction and mentoring to students and families who need access to experienced professional counseling associated with American universities University selection and application process – no matter where in the world you currently live or study.
I now travel a lot in the U.S. and abroad, teaching about higher education opportunities in this country and meeting with family — or I meet them over Skype or by phone.

I am delighted to see College Goals students thrive both academically and personally during their time at college. We often hear from “our children” and their parents as we form strong and supportive bonds throughout the college search process. We support and guide them through an intensive process of perception-driven self-assessment, goal setting and decision-making. The growth in maturity and confidence of our students has always, always been extraordinary, during the time we have been privileged to work together. When college target students go to their college, we know, they know, why they are there and they are in the best position to succeed.

Features: I am also a mother of 5 children and a stepmother of 2 very successful college graduates, some of whom have chosen other educational pathways to get into top universities. They are now busy professionals, scattered around the world from Los Angeles to London, involved in technology development, design or teaching.

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