Joylene Ling Dead or Alive? Where is She? Posted on FB That She is Died

Malaysian Youtuber Joylene Ling’s name recently started surfacing on social media after obituary news was posted on Facebook and it created a buzz online after which everyone was shocked and shaken. However, if you visit her channel then you will not find anything that happened recently but all the videos are older than a year and in this manner, someone posted her death confirmation on FB followed by which everyone started searching about her. If you are also searching Joylene Ling’s death cause so stick around.

Joylene Ling

Well, recently Joylene Ling’s name was posted on Facebook where it was written that she has died, but how it all happened is yet to be announced because some local news sites alongside some social media pages have shared her images with written RIP, but it is still under the veil if the Malaysian Youtuber really dies or not because no any official announcement has been made so far about her death but on the same side the news is believed to be true because on her YT channel she has not posted in ages and this is the main thing that her fans are believing her death news.

On Joylene Ling’s YouTube account all of her social media accounts have been mentioned but only her IG is available and her Twitter and FB account has been disabled or perhaps has been removed from the site because after clicking there we did not get anything, not even her Display picture. When we looked at her IG so there, her account is also private so in this condition, we did not even check if someone has commented RIP or not. But on her Instagram, she has more than 1,359 followers with 2k following and she has shared more than 2k posts so far. In her Bio it has written there, “5ft dancing rainbow unicorn 🌈 Isaiah 40:31 † I’m not short, just fun sized. Vaxxed ♥”

Well, as there is no official announcement has been made so far about her death so in this time we would like to make a humble request you not to spread any rumor until the exact news comes. Stay tuned with us to get more updates.

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