Julieta Vallina death, Actress died at the age of 50 – Cause Of Death

Actress Juliette Varina dies. The news was confirmed by a statement released by the Argentine Actors Union, in which the entity expressed its pain at the death of the artist.

Vallina is a graduate of the Municipal School of Dramatic Art of La Plata, and her career on television includes soap operas such as Santa Evita, Loco por vos, Botineras, According to Roxi, Vidas Robadas, Son Amores, Padre Courage, Tu parte del deal, Manual de Survival, lesser evils, donors, etc.

And he has created more than 50 works in the theater, including “Upstairs Neighbor”, “Like a Donkey”, “Electra Shock”, “Dear Dad”, “Macbeth”, “Optic Nerve”, “Crazy Bread”, ” A woman dreams of a horse”, “The past was an animal”. The pit and a drowning man, except I hear it, her last work in 2021.

Florencia Peña and Julieta Vallina and Diego Peretti and Rafael Ferro no longer go on stage to be us. What I like to do the most: Action. Thank you, all beauty, profound beauty. Fly high, dear friend. As high as possible.”

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