Justin Heimbecker killer, Saskatchewan RCMP issue emergency alert in Langham shooting

Justin Heimbecker has been identified as a suspect in the shooter at the Langham Hotel in Saskatchewan – authorities are investigating the Langham shooting that left one person dead. The suspect was identified as Justin Heimbeck. At this time, Heimbeck’s whereabouts are unknown. He has brown eyes and is 6-foot-3, according to officials.

Central Saskatchewan issued an emergency alert Friday morning about a “shooting incident” in Langham, Saskatchewan, via the SaskAlert app.

The Langham is located approximately 30 kilometers northwest of Saskatoon. The alert was issued Friday at 7:40 a.m. CST.

The male suspect was last seen on foot and is said to be armed, although police are not sure where he is, the alert said.

Councillor Carol Epp said earlier on Friday it was unclear what exactly happened.

“We stayed inside, so we weren’t outside. We saw police cars drive by, we heard sirens, but that’s about it,” Epp said. “There are a thousand things on Facebook that no one seems to know.”

Residents in the Langham area were told to take shelter, lock their doors and windows and stay out of safety.

“When I first got the alert, I kind of peeked out the door, but I didn’t see anyone,” said Mitch Deschambeault, owner of Three Beans Cafe, Langham. “I think everyone has everything locked down. We obviously decided not to open the door, so I’m just waiting for more information.”

The RCMP is responding and is asking the public not to reveal the location of officers on social media.

The warning states that more information will be released as it becomes available.

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