Justin rapp death and obituary, Where is the ‘Justin Rapp’ Now? What Happened

Where is cop “Justin Rapp” now? – “WEB OF MAKE BELIEVE: DEATH, LIES, AND THE INTERNET” is a new true crime documentary series on Netflix in six parts. As far as the central crime is concerned, the plot is inherently inconsistent.

Each of the five stories (told in six episodes, with the exception of the last story spanning two episodes) offer a unique and creepy story. Watching this will no doubt make you feel angry, frustrated and helpless. However, you should watch this true crime series from Netflix.

SWAT’s Death is the opening episode of Netflix’s “Web of Belief: Death, Lies, and the Internet,” which focuses on a horrific case that led to the death of Andrew Finch. In addition to investigating the circumstances leading up to the incident, the episode also explores slapping, a dangerous phenomenon where someone makes a fake 911 call to send a SWAT team to a location. One such call resulted in Andrew’s death at the hands of police officer Justin Rapp. So if you’re curious about what happened and where Justin is now, here’s what we know.

Who is Justin Rapp? What did he do?

On December 28, 2017, a 911 dispatcher in Wichita, Kansas received a disturbing call. On the other end of the call, a man said he shot his father and held his family hostage. After receiving the address, the authorities went to the apartment and surrounded it. Andrew Finch, a 28-year-old man who lives in the house with his family, answered the door to see what was causing the disturbance. About ten seconds later, he was killed by a gunshot wound.

According to the investigation, no one has taken his family hostage. The call actually came from California and was orchestrated by a guy named Tyler Barris. Two players Shane Gaskill and Casey Viner were involved in the incident after losing a $1.50 bet while playing Call of Duty online. Casey called Tyler, known for his gossip, who died in the game when Shane shot him in an incident of friendly fire. Shane eventually finds out and gives Tyler his old address and asks him to do something.

Taylor then called 911 and gave the address. Andrew, on the other hand, lives there with his family and has nothing to do with it. Officer Justin Rapp, who had been at the scene since 2010, pulled the trigger seconds after opening the door, killing Andrew. A controversial investigation was launched after authorities discovered the 911 calls were a hoax.

According to the City Journal, Justin’s identity was not initially released publicly despite requests from Andrew’s family. Justin was later revealed to be a U.S. Army veteran who had previously appeared on the TV show “Police.” He has previously been charged with excessive use of force, according to a Netflix documentary.

However, the district attorney found in April 2018 that Justin would not be charged because he acted fairly under the circumstances. Justin later testified that he saw Andrew reach out to the officer with his right arm. As a result, Justin fired a trigger that killed Andrew, fearing that Andrew’s firing might endanger her life.

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