Kamila Valieva Free Skate Falls and Finishes Fourth Video Footage Olympics

Recently, a piece of very shocking news has come out from Russia Olympics 2022, which has surprised almost everyone, because no one thought, that such flaws could be made by an athlete again and again. Yes, you heard right Russian Skater Valieva has been surrounded by great controversies after falling twice during the figure skating of winter Olympics 2022. She is remaining the subject of hot discussion among everyone since the news occurred on social networking sites. Even the video of the incident is getting circulated on social networking sites rapidly, so below your ould get the comprehensive details.


As per the exclusive reports or sources, Valieva finished fourth in the finals of individual, she miss out on a medal because of some flaws during the program. There are some people out of all the people who are condemning it saying that if she was not ready then she should not have done it. Along with this, there are a few who are saying that no matter what, only because of the shortcomings, a person moves forward and rectifies their mistakes. But till now no reaction or statement has come out from her side which can tell anything to all those who are conveying their reaction.

Who is Kamila Valieva?

15-years-old Kamila Valeryevna Valieva is a Russian figure skater who is ambitious to chase her dreams to convert them into reality. She was born on 26th April 2006, in 2022 she is making her first appearance in the Olympics as an athlete. On 7th February she broke three world records, she is the one who has participated in the quadruple jump. So only these details came out regarding her personal stuff, so still, a little information is pending to be revealed, so, therefore, you will need to be patient a bit more as we are also looking ahead to get more.

At the time of misbalancing, she got a bit hopeless as well because of which she fell down again and occupied the fourth position, meanwhile, her eyes were filled with tears as she was expecting the best but the entire circumstances overturn in such a worst manner. But her co-athletes encouraged her by saying that it is her first appearance of her and as far as they have concerned she has done a phenomenal job, but as soon as time will pass she will get the best experience and become a professional as well.

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