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Karan Kundra Breaks Tejasswi’s Heart


The quite meritorious and sensational TV reality show Bigg Boss 15 is spreading the high voltage drama day by day, because such activities are taking place inside the house which is unexpected enough. Because recently the viewers became the witness of shocking nomination as the VIPs save a contestant from the coming eliminations. But the entire attention has been caught by the latest twist under which, top 5 selection has taken place and weekly we will get a finalist, something similar is going to happen in the 8th December 2021 broadcasting because still, the task is going on among the housemates.

Bigg Boss 15

The upcoming episode is bringing a high voltage drama where you are going to become a witness of Karan & Tejasswi’s clash as Karan Kundra removed her name while performing the task to make his secure spot in the Finale. Therefore, Tejasswi asks him that why he did this despite knowing that she feels for him, meanwhile, mentions that if she was there instead of him so she never ever remove his name tag. Hence, Karan replies that sometimes they will have to think according to the game perception, because the pair can not go ahead together due to some individual decisions.

Bigg Boss 15 Today’s Written Update


  • Karan Kundra removes Tejasswi Prakash’s name from the race of top 5 finalist
  • Tejasswi Slams Karan for such stuff
  • Differences begin between Karan & Tejasswi

Later, when Abhijit will announce that he wants to go in the finale and requests the other VIPs to stand by him, then Rakhi Sawant says that they can not let them go in the finale because he recently entered the house and did not do such things as they have done. Even Devoleena Bhattacharjee agrees with her along with Rashmi Desai by saying that he is a part of their team but despite this, he is doing such things which indicate betrayal.

In the precious episode, as the audience has streamed that Abhijit and Rakhi got into a verbal spat when he addresses Ritesh as Rent’s husband. As soon as Rakhi heard she lost her temper and starts fighting with him, saying that no one has a right to address her relationship fake unless she passes any remarks. Abhijit says that he did not mean to hurt them but Rakhi throws some things because she could not tolerate if someone raised their finger on her and her husband, this is the reason she warns him to not pass such things again.

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