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Karol G Fall Off Stage During Live Show Full Video Miami Concert


Recently a live show’s video went viral on social media where the famous Colombian singer Karol G fell down the stage and it was one of the highest falls that everyone sees in ages. However, it is just a normal thing that happens usually with artists during their live shows but it becomes headlines for sure. Well, the singer was performing live in Miami on Friday, playing to a packed FTX Arena … when, at one point, she slipped and fell down a flight of stairs on the stage.

karol g fall video

Well, talking about the video so you must scream for a second like what just happened because at the beginning of the video you will watch her normally boosting the crowd and the show but as soon as she stands after a little twerk and when she was about to step down on the stage she slips and her whole body twirling all the way down. Eventually, she landed on all fours facing the ground almost in a fetal position. The crowd goes oooooh… but soon she stands again after looking at the sky and continues to sing and boost the show.

Carolina Giraldo Navarro is prominently known by her stage name Karol G, and she is mostly described as a reggaeton and Latin trap artist, and she is famous as she is a very experimental singer of the industry because she has also tried reggae and sertaneja and surprisingly the artist got immense love of her audience in that as well, so as per this you can take the idea that how famous she is and how crazy people are towards her.

Coming to her personal life so she is 30 years old and when it comes to talking about her career and achievements so she is one of the most awards-holder musical artists with immense popularity. On her Instagram, she is having 43.9M+ followers and after the news of her falling down the stage, people are getting keen to know more about her and saying this won’t be bad that famous singer will become a hot potato soon as the searches are going up. Well, talking about her falling video so it was just a normal moment for any artist because before her we have seen so many actor and singers meeting with the same position and it happens after all the artist only wants boosting the crowd and a true artist never cares about anything else and all it cares about is, their fans.

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