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Katy Perry Beer Can Bra Video Getting Viral On Social Media Reddit Twitter


Many celebrations & concerts were organized on this new year to celebrate the joy with full enthusiasm in almost all the countries because everyone has their own different way of commemorating the fest. But despite this, the entire attention has been grabbed by the concert which was held in Las Vegas. Yes, you heard right, the popular singer and performer Katty Perry again fetched the whole limelight again, as she has done something different to attract all eyes, and therefore, now she is remaining the hot discussion among everyone, as the entire video of her exploit is surfacing on the internet.  

Katy Perry Beer Can Bra Video

As per the exclusive reports or sources, on New Year’s night Katty Perry has fetched huge concentration among the cybernauts on social networking sites, as she did something strange which is enticing plenty of people around the globe. As everyone is acquainted with Katty Perry that she is well popular for her way to sing while taking such attire. But it is being said, that it was such an incident made by her in the past of Las Vegas, Even she is remaining the hot discussion on many news channels while catching the heat on headlines.

If we talk about the viral and trending images, so the singer is appearing while wearing a costume of beer cane and soon, her photos are remaining the hot discussion among the users as the images are getting viral. But despite this, Katty Perry is never failed to ingrain her fan’s attention, because her way to perform and the costume she was carrying at the time of commemoration was commendable enough as plenty of people shared their thoughts. She carried a short dress along with a beer cane bra and set the fire on the stage, besides this, she posted some pictures on Instagram as well.

If the reports are to be believed, so her attire was developed by a popular designer called Zaldy Heather Picchiottino and Johnny Wujeck. Besides this, many have designed her dressed as she always does something different than other singers no matter it is her dress or anything else. Even sometimes she does such things which remain the hot discussion among everyone for a long, as she has done recently. Now those who did not watch her presence on the stage and keen to watch the clip of her performances, so here we have shared such details and when something will come ahead we will update you.

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