Kishore Kumar’s Son Amit Kumar To Arrive

In the upcoming episode of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, Kishore Kumar’s son Amit Kumar will arrive. The promos have been circulating on the internet and are creating a lot of buzz. The singer will be gracing the weekend episode as the show will have a Kishore Kumar special episode where Amit would be the special guest. It would be really fascinating for Mr Kumar to be a part of the special episode where hit tracks of his father would be performed by the talented contestants. Let’s find out what will the viewers get to watch tonight.

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Kishore Kumar's Son Amit Kumar

The legendary singer Kishore Kumar who started his career in 1946 got recognition due to his special style and talent. The uniqueness is what has been keeping him on everyone’s favourite singers’ list. Well, it is really fortunate for all the people who got to remain in the same era as him and enjoyed his melodious voice. Even though the singer has passed away, he will always remain in everyone’s hearts because of his beautiful songs. Now, SRGMP will also hold a special episode remembering the evergreen singer where the contestants will dedicate songs to him.

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Today’s Episode Update

Paying Kishore Kumar a heartfelt tribute, the contestants would perform on his hit songs. Kishore’s son Amit Kumar will be gracing the special episode and will praise the contestants for singing his father’s songs gracefully and beautifully. Although every participant will deliver their possible best performance in front of the judges and the special guest, Dipayan Banerjee performance would be the highlight. His melodious performance will manage to attract the arrived guests who will feel compelled to praise his beautiful voice and way of delivering the song. Apart from Dipayan, other participants will also leave no stone unturned to impress the judges.

On another side, Amit Kumar will also go on to share unheard stories and facts about his personal and professional life which will keep the viewers hooked to the screen. Judged by Vishal Dadlani, Shankar Mahadevan and Himesh Reshammiya, the reality show is going to deliver an entertaining episode tonight. Viewers are already discussing the released promos on social media and expressing their excitement about it while the promos are also getting plenty of views and likes. Undoubtedly, SRGMP today’s episode is going to be quite interesting. Stay tuned with us in this space and get the latest updates and news on the show.

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