Kumar Sanu Gives A Chopper Ride To Contestants

India’s longest-running reality singing show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa is currently airing its 30th season and no doubt that all the episodes of the show have proved how tough the competition has been becoming because now the music battle is stepping towards the finale and undoubtedly everyone wants to grip their position in the battle. Makers of the show are also leaving no stone unturned to make it more captivating by bringing every time new task and concept through which all the contestants are now proving themselves.

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa (SRGMP) Episode 20th Feb 2022: Kumar Sanu Gives A Chopper Ride To Contestants

Out of 16, we have now our top 8 singers that are making every day or every episode super amazing that are hitting the audience for a six. Well, in the previous episode we watched some of the most mesmerizing performances which forced us to stick to the screen and get slew with their voices, and this time undoubtedly from Sharad Sharma to Sanjana Bhat all of the top 8 contestants are all set to set your night on fire with their soulful and soothing magical voice.

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa (SRGMP) Episode Update

Well, as you all know that apart from the performances and music reality shows are also known for the onset fun that always helps makers to gather an audience, and the same thing happening this time because tonight Legendary Bollywood singer Kumar Sanu is going to do something that has brought the show into headlines. Well, this weekend Legendary Bollywood singer Kumar Sanu who is well known for his roaring magical voice will grace the show and his presence will set the show on fire.

As you all have been watching promos and other posts, we would like to let you know that except for chartbuster performances that left Kumar Sanu and judges surprised and slew, Kumar Sanu makes an announcement that forces everyone to blow a whistle because while one performance when it was asked by the contestant about their dream that they want to turn into reality soon is chopper trip and after hearing this, Kumar Sanu promises the contestant that he will take them to the chopper.

He adds that it is a prize from him for the contestant. So, as the show is going on you must have chosen your favourite contestant whom you want to win the show, and if there is someone whom you want to win, you must be looking for voting steps. So, stay tuned with us to get the complete latest update and also to know about voting details.

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