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Kumkum Bhagya 15th December 2021 Written Episode Prachi & Ranbir Coming Closer Again?


As you all know that the show has been gripping the interest of its audience very pleasingly and makers have been dropping better from one another twists in the drama which is making it a more interesting thing to watch. So, in the previous episode of the show we watched that Prachi is doing her best to make Ranbir and Rhea’s life worst, and just to teach him the lesson of love, she has entered the house and makes Rhea dance at her fingertips.

Kumkum Bhagya 15th December

So, the episode begins with, Prachi and Ranbir confronting Prachi, where he tells her that he did not get his stuff back, she makes a weird face looking at him, he says her that she can stay here, she replies that she will… he then says that she can do anything here, Prachi replies him that how can he say something like this. Ranbir asks her why she is behaving like this because he is not saying her to leave the house.

Kumkum Bhagya 15-12-2021

Prachi replies that it was the same thing that he just said but indirectly. He asks that when did he say her to leave the place. She replies that when their relation went to end he said that same thing and that too in a high volume pitch. She looks around and shows him a photo of them, she tries to take out the frame, but the frame gets broken and it hurts Prachi, Ranbir gets worried about her and gets a medicine box.

Ranbir shows his concern towards her, she asks him that what is he doing. He replies that he just does not want her to wake up for the first aid box, she looks at him, he replies that he does not have any feeling for her but he is just doing it because then she will not get the box and disturb his sleep which he really does not want. She says that she has to take care of herself so that she will be taking care of her loved ones. There, Pallavi standing next to the window and seeing them together.

Prachi then asks him if he observe any change in her, he denies saying he did not see anything like this and she is still as same as he saw her last time. Prachi then replies that now she is not the old one Prachi who easily got hurt and cry but this time the Prachi standing in front of him is way stronger than before and no one can hurt her. The episode ends here, stay connected for further episode updates.

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