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Kumkum Bhagya 6th January 2022 Written Episode Will Prachi Open Pallavi’s Eyes


As you all have been watching that Kumkum Bhagya’s story is returning to the track of drama once again. The episode begins with, Prachi and Pallavi talking where she tells Pallavi that she knew her involvement in the matter of that fake papers, and tells that she had observed already that she did agree with Aaliya Bua. Prachi asks that why did she do this despite being the swim that it is wrong and it will affect them all and that too badly.

Kumkum Bhagya

Meanwhile, Rhea comes there and stops Prachi to talk to Pallavi saying that she can’t talk in this manner with this volume pitch to her mother-in-law. Prachi replies that she knows the truth. So it is better for her to be silent because she is guilty. Prachi then looks at Pallavi and says that not even a single leaf can move in this house without her consent and if she wants to support Rhea so it is all up to her probably she is blind or doing deliberately.

Kumkum Bhagya 6th Jan 2022

She then leaves saying do whatever you want but just stay away from her because your hugs are showing that you are stooping in front of her. Aaliya comes there as well and says that today she is ashamed of saying that she is her… Prachi stops her saying that she should feel ashamed for sure as she has done wrong with her.

Aaliya then says that she is ashamed of her and today her head has been stooped just because of her niece. Prachi replies that it is all up to her if she wants to stay with her under the same roof or not but the relation between them will last long. Everyone in the room looks at her, she then looks at Pallavi saying that she was not feeling bad for Pallavi’s words as it was all her concern towards her son but today after knowing all this she is feeling bad because she got hurt because Pallavi is way more concerned towards her new Bahu and her stubbornness and she chose her bahu’s stubbornness over her son’s happiness.

Pallavi says her to leave if she has done, Prachi stays there and says her to be strong and not decide anything as per the situation or being helpless, and instead of being the same, she should be aware of what is wrong and right. She then asks her that how can she trust a girl who can spike her own and real sister. The episode ends here to stay connected with us to get all the latest updates on the show.

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