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Kumkum Bhagya Latest Episode Written Episode 10th November 2021 Spoiler Alert


In the latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya, there is going to be a high voltage drama, and as you all know that Abhi and Pragya are in the hospital as Abhi is unconscious. However, Rhea says that she does not care about everything and she just wants to see her parents on which Prachi tells her that she went to see them and this is not the right time to go and meet them. Rhea Leaves Crying while Ranbir hugs Prachi and assures her that everything will be fine soon.

Kumkum Bhagya Latest Episode Written Episode 10th November 2021 Spoiler Alert

So, the latest episode begins with, Doctor in the hospital asking her nurse to go and talk to Sushma Tandon and let her know that they soon discharge them. Meanwhile, Rhea comes there and asks the doctor about Pragya’s room and asks that who is in charge of their treatment. The doctor replies that Sushma Tandon wanted them to be treated by the best medical team and therefore she should not get worried about anything because they have put their best team for their treatment and Abhi and Pragya both are going under the best medical team. Rhea soon enters the ICU and cries asking Abhi to open his eyes as she wants to talk to him.

Later when Abhi and Pragya get off bed scene turns where Ranbir reads the texts of Rhea and it looks so provocative. After looking at the texts Ranbir gets to know that Rhea was in the swim about the incident that was held in the hotel room. He then calls her and says not to speak even a single word, while Rhea says her driver to keep driving and not look behind. There, Sid calls Prachi and she replies that Rhea is in the lobby and she is in the hotel as she wants to meet someone in room no 505.

Well, as you all know that the show is now turning a different twist because as you all were watching that show was going pretty good but fans are seem not to be so happy with the script because recently we were watching a Pragya who has lost her everything and now suddenly just in a couple of days she is about to be so rich again. Let’s see how soon will she make a small fortune till then stay tuned and stay connected.

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