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Kumkum Bhagya Today’s Episode 3rd Jan 2022 Ranbir Cries Happily After Knowing That He Is Become a Father


The longest-running daily soap on Zee TV named Kumkum Bhagya is now turning towards another kind of twist because now the story seems coming on the right track back because we had been watching that Prachi was behaving like a boss so far but in tonight’s episode you will watch, a romantic twist because now again Prachi and Ranbeer seem coming closer, where Ranbir says her that she never wrote a love letter for him so today she has to do the same.

Kumkum Bhagya

He gives her a page and pen and says her to write a love letter for him, she replies that she will do the same but she can’t write looking at him so he has to turn around, she then says him not to be here until she writes the complete letter. He recalls the time when they used to stay in a rented house and says her to begin the letter with lovely Ranbir… She asks him that how will she write. He replies that he does not know but she should start it quickly. He then says that he is waiting, she says “Okay, I’m writing”. She begins the letter-writing lovely Ranbir, she then mentions three big dreams of him that he wanted to live with her, firstly she writes about the dream to marry her, then to have a start-up and third one about to become a father.

She writes that all of the dreams have been fulfilled almost because they got married, and his all of business have started to run and when it comes to talking about the biggest dream to become a father of their kids so. She writes “I am pregnant and soon you will be the papa of our kid”. She completes the letter and gives it to Ranbir. Ranbir opens the letter meanwhile, she comes and hugs him. Ranbir replies that he won’t read the letter in front of her.

Prachi says how can he be like this now, he replies that he agreed to her one demand so now it is her turn to wait until he comes back. She asks if he read the letter, he nods that he is yet to read the letter, saying that today she is happy that she hugged him and he is feeling good. She insists on him to read the letter in front of her, he starts reading and smiles with every line, and suddenly when he looks at the line where Prachi wrote that he is about to be a Papa, it melts his heart and he gets tears of joy, he gets super happy and starts crying happily hugging Prachi. Stay connected to get more updates.

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