Kundali Bhagya Written Update 22nd Dec 2021 Episode: Sarla Dreams Of Preeta

In today’s episode of Kundali Bhagya, Preeta gets restless as everyone in the Luthra family keeps saying that how much they despise her. She gets tensed. Here, Shrishti wakes up. She calls Sarla and asks her to come. Meanwhile, Bi Jee and Janki also arrive. They all worry about Preeta and ask her what has happened. Preeta sadly tells them that the Luthra family will not let her in. Sarla gets confused and asks her what does she mean. Preeta asks Sarla why they are not with Rakhi which makes Sarla tense.

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On another side, Rakhi was trying to open the door which made Kareena wake up. The latter asks Rakhi where is she going. Rakhi sits down and tells Kareena that she dreamt about Preeta. Kareena gets shocked and asks how could she still remember her when so many years have passed. Rakhi says that not even a single day has gone by when she has not dreamt about her. She adds that she saw Preeta was standing outside the house and was all wet. Rakhi further says that Preeta was questioning her why did she not take her side when she needed it.

Kareena tells Rakhi that Preeta is just trying to make her feel guilty to which Rakhi replies that Preeta was just asking about the health of Mahesh and Karan. Rakhi says that she is feeling like meeting Mahesh. Kareena says that she should not go as Prithvi might get angry at her. Rakhi asks if she is not even allowed to meet her husband because of Prithvi. Kareena says that they should go together as the corridor has no lights. Here, Preeta tells Sarla that Rakhi needs her. Sarla says that the family doesn’t need anyone’s help.

Sarla scolds Preeta for still thinking about Luthras when they do not even care about her. Bi Jee tries to stop Sarla but she continues making Preeta realize that Luthras have cut ties with her. Shrishti tells Sarla that it’s easier to say to move on but is extremely difficult to do it actually. Sarla says that she wants happiness for her daughter and doesn’t want her to get upset. Preeta agrees that she should move on and hugs Sarla. Here, Rakhi goes to meet Mahesh who is tied up in chains. Mahesh gets angry seeing Rakhi and throws a utensil at her. Prithvi also comes there. Stay tuned with us to get more Kundali Bhagya updates.

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