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Kundali Bhagya Written Update 3rd January 2022: Prithvi Suspects Preeta


Undoubtedly, the popular serial of Zee TV and Zee5 Kundali Bhagya has become the most-watched show. The makers have succeeded in entertaining the viewers by delivering engaging content to them. This is the reason, the show has been maintaining its place in the top TRP list. Recently, the show took a leap of around two years that brought interesting twists to the show. Let’s find out what will happen in today’s written update of the serial. It begins with Prithvi opening Mona’s room door to check up on Mahesh.

Kundali Bhagya

Prithvi loses his temper upon seeing Mona’s carelessness. He schools her for not being responsible enough to take proper care of Mahesh. He asks Mona to remind her why did he hire her and asks her to focus on her work instead of making mistakes again and again. Here, Preeta gets tense seeing Prithvi and thinks that he should not find her or else he will find out about her real motive of entering the house. Meanwhile, Sherlyn comes there. She asks Prithvi why he looks so mad to which he tells her everything. Sherlyn asks him not to worry and says that Rakhi would have locked the door.

However, Prithvi doesn’t buy Sherlyn’s words and asks the Luthra family to gather in the hall. He strictly asks them about visiting Mahesh’s room. He angrily asks them who locked Mona’s door when they clearly know that she is the one who looks after Mahesh. He adds that if it was not for him, Mahesh would have been sent to the mental asylum. Prithvi asks Mona to hit anyone who dares to enter Mahesh’s room with a whip. Preeta comes and asks them why are they causing a disturbance while she is sleeping. Prithvi suspects Preeta of going to the basement.

Prithvi talks to Sherlyn about Preeta coming in between their plan. He says that he understands that Preeta is taking revenge on the Luthra family as they insulted her earlier but why is she ruining their plan. He says that he can not see Preeta ruling the house. On another side, the family members talk about Preeta’s behaviour. Kareena tells Dadi that she thinks that Preeta is here to turn them into her servants. Dadi says that Karan is the only person who can handle that girl. Watch Kundali Bhagya every day on Zee TV at 9:30 PM and anytime on Zee5. Follow Social Telecast for more information.

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