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Kundali Bhagya Written Update Episode 4th Jan 2022: Kareena Instigates Karan


Dheeraj Dhoopar and Shraddha Arya starrer serial Kundali Bhagya has become the viewers’ favourite. They enjoy watching the show as it continuously entertains them with interesting twists and suspense. It is really good news that the Zee TV show has been running for so long and has been keeping its place high in the TRP chart. So far, it was shown that Preeta returned to Luthra house after getting worried about Mahesh who she saw in a clinic. She decides to help the Luthra family as they are under the control of Prithvi and Sherlyn.

Kundali Bhagya Written Update Episode 4th Jan 2022: Kareena Instigates Karan

Today’s written episode of 4th January 2022 starts with Preeta calling everyone to gather in the hall as she has to talk about something important with them. Luthra family who has started to hate Preeta as they still seem to be unaware of her real motives do as asked. Preeta tells everyone that from now on she will rule the house along with the family members. She adds that everyone has to obey what she says or orders and that she wouldn’t tolerate anyone going against her as it will have its own consequences. Preeta adds that she will not hesitate in throwing them out if they did not follow her orders.

Kundali Bhagya Today’s Written Episode

Prithvi gets stunned after hearing Preeta’s announcement. He thinks that she will take over the property and the business and will ruin his plan. In the next scene, Karan wakes up and gets freshen up. While he was busy in his daily routine, Bani and Kareena go to his room. They talk to him about Preeta and complains about the latter. They inform Karan that Preeta has threatened them to follow her orders and how she has come here to snatch everything they have.

Kareena tells Karan that Mahesh had shown immense trust in Preeta but the woman broke it into pieces. Bani and Kareena slam Karan for expressing his feelings to such a kind of woman in front of the whole house. Karan gets instigated and announces that he will clear the confusion by telling her how much he hates her. Hearing this, Kareena gets a little worried and asks him to think before doing anything as Preeta has entered the house with different intentions. Here, Prithvi and Sherlyn also suspect Preeta of treating the family bad and think that it might be a pretence. Follow Social Telecast for the latest updates.

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