Kylie Jenner To Our Son Youtube Video Goes Viral On Twitter, Instagram, and, Reddit

WATCH: Kylie Jenner To Our Son Youtube Video Goes Viral On Twitter, Instagram, and, Reddit: The popular American model Kylie Jenner always likes to be the talk of the town. Once again she is in the limelight, hours after marking her debut on Youtube. As per the latest report, hours after debuting the first YouTube video of her son Wolf, Kylie Jenner shares that the name of her son “is not Wolf anymore”. In an Instagram Stories post, Jenner disclose that she and the baby of her father Travis Scott “just really did not feel like (the name Wolf) was him.” Jenner has not yet declared the new name for her son. Follow More Update On

Kylie Jenner To Our Son Youtube

Kylie Jenner To Our Son Youtube

Though she does not require to do a Kardashian-style delete and repost; the vlog “To Our Son” reflects the change prior to the deceleration was even made, as the video does not include the former name of the son. Continue to read to know more about it.

Kylie Jenner is reclaiming her rightful place as mommy vlogger on Youtube. In her new YouTube video, “To Our Son”, a cinematic parallel to “To Our Daughter” the year 2018 vlog that chronicled her pregnancy with Stormi-Jenner films closely every moment of her pregnancy with her son up until he enters the globe to the cheerful shouts of Travis Scott “What’s up, big boy?” The once keen vlogger who brought us masterpieces like “Riding A RollerCoaster In Madison Square Garden” and “Kylie Jenner: Christmas Decorations 2020” is now displayed basking in sunlight to light piano music.

Kylie Jenner To Our Son Youtube Explained

The behind-the-scenes of Jenner’s look at her pregnancy comes ahead of The Kardashians’ 14th of April release date. Besides panning shots of the extensive collection of her son of baby Jordans and Stormi pursuing some artistic endeavors of her own, the vlog of Jenner features the most we have watched of Scott since the tragedy at the Astroworld music festival in the month of November.

The rapper is watched attending ultrasound appointments and commemorating the birthday of Stormi with the notorious bouncy slide made to seem like her face. He looks like delighted to bring his son home, but not as excited as the grandmother of his son, Kris Jenner. This vlog is highly liked by her fans and got millions of views. We can clearly see the happiness of the entire family and the pregnancy journey of Kylie Jenner.


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