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LA Woman With Pickaxe Robs Rite Aid In Viral Video Leaves Internet Scandalized


On the internet, we daily read so much news of robbery and there is no doubt that most of the time that thief got nabbed whose video went viral over the internet and the same thing happened in Rite Aid store located in Los Angeles. However, the robbed store is getting hype after the incident as people are searching about the store and also the one who robbed. Well, the inserting thing about the robbery is, it was robbed by a lady who was armed with a pickaxe.

Watch: LA Woman With Pickaxe Robs Rite Aid In Viral Video Leaves Internet Scandalized

A Rite Aid store located in Los Angeles had been recently robbed by an unidentified woman armed with a pickaxe, the video recently went viral on social media and is still being circulated on the internet as everyone is watching the video and getting keen to know who is the lady robbed the entire store and that too with the help of a pickaxe. You must be keen to know that where to watch the viral video lady with a pickaxe. In the video, you will watch that how she steps in and starts picking things and that too with full confidence, and as the lady has the weapon that hardly got used by someone nobody even dared to come close to her.

Woman With Pickaxe Caught Stealing Products

Well, another interesting thing about the video is, in the clip, you will watch her screaming but nobody is even taking her serious like it is a robbery getting done by a lady along with a pickaxe but the video shows that families in the store are not even seeing her and just walking around. Well, you must be keen to know that what she was saying so, she is just normally screaming at storekeepers and just busing them not try to be smart because she is not in the mood for fun and can create havoc there, however, people in the video can be heard laughing on her.

The pickaxe holder lady saw threatening other employees who attempted to stop her from stealing beauty products. As per the way she did it all, seems like she did not have money to buy products so she just did to look adorable. However, as per the scene, it also looks like it was a prank. Well, what is the reality is yet to become so stay tuned with us to get all the latest updates across the globe.

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