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LAPD Officers Pull Pilot Out Seconds Before Train Crash


A video had been released by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) on Sunday, January 10, 2022. It shows the police officers pulling a pilot who was bleeding from a plane just before it was smashed by a barreling train. LAPD posted the video on Twitter and wrote that the Foothill Division Officers displayed bravery, and heroism by saving the life of the pilot. It was added that the pilot landed the plane on the railroad tracks at San Fernando Rd and Osborne St moments before a moving train collided with the aircraft.

LAPD officers pull pilot from plane

According to the reports, the horrifying crash took place around 2 PM in Pacoima. Fox 5 San Diego has reported that the Cessna 172, a single-engine aircraft made an emergency landing on the Metrolink Antelope Valley line train tracks. The emergency landing resulted in the pilot getting severely injured. However, the pilot who was already bleeding enough was saved by the brave police officers seconds before a speeding train hit the aeroplane.

Now, the news has become the subject of discussion on the internet as netizens are discussing the bravery of the Los Angeles officers for showing courage and saving the man’s life. It has been reported that the pilot sustained a serious injury in his head that caused unstoppable bleeding. The identity of the pilot has not been disclosed yet as saving his life was more important at that time. The rescue team that has reached the scene immediately took the injured man to a regional trauma centre.

It is also reported that the man happened to be the only person on board when the crash happened. According to the Federal Aviation Administration, the plane, Cessna 172, had taken off from Whiteman Airport before getting crashed into absolute pieces. Now, the video has been going viral on the internet. The viral video that has been posted on Twitter is actually the bodycam footage of the police officers who pulled the bleeding pilot from the crashed plane.

It was shown that both the pilot and the officers were just a few feet away when the speeding train hit the aircraft. The local media has reported that the pilot’s condition is stable now and that he has been given the essential treatments for his injuries and cuts. Besides, no one got injured on the train during the crash. Luis Jimenez, a music composer, also recorded the incident and said that the aircraft had a failed takeoff and eventually landed on the tracks.

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