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Lathan Ransom Injury Video on Ground Leaves Rose Bowl with Apparently Serious Leg Injury


Recently, a piece of heartbreaking news is coming in front of the people from Ohio State, as the Ohio State Football team is compromising defence suffered another notable loss on Saturday 1st January 2022’s Rose Bowl against Utah. The state had just dragged within 21-14 on a 5-yard touchdown passes from C.J. Stroud to Jaxom Smith-Njigba. But it blessed the score right in the back when Utah’s Britain Covey took the next kickoff back 97 yards for a touchdown. But since the report is spotted on social media the immense reaction of users came to the fore.

Lathan Ransom

According to the reports or sources, Even worse, protection Ryan Batsch and Lathan Ransom got slow while playing when the situation was taking the worst face in such a manner. Spontaneously trudged off but meanwhile, Ransom Stayed down, Later, the statement came to the fore which was made by the defensive coordinator of Ohio State called Kerry Coombs game, Ransom battled a rupture that will need surgery, and brought him out for the bound. Besides this, since the news occurred an immense reaction came as his admirers are going through a great shock, as their favorite one is injured.

It is being reported, that as soon as the concerned department got the news they come on the spot where the player got injured, as he was unable to walk due to injury. Later, he was brought to the nearest medical center so that, he could get the proper cure to deal with the injuries. But when the doctor examined him for a checkup they figure out that his leg needs surgery, because of which, he will not able to participate in the upcoming matches which is a bit heartbreaking for his admirers who never miss even a single match of him but unfortunately he is under the preservation of the medical team.

It is being reported, that more than 12 games have been played by Lathan Ransom in his season and almost every time he waved the victory, in such a manner. Hence, the news brought great pain for those who loves to follow him from the very beginning. But everyone is praying for his speedy recovery, so that, he could make his appearance again. So we will also pray for his speedy recovery, so that, he can fulfill the wishes of his admirers who are waiting for his appearance eagerly.

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