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Leaked intimate video pack Lucas Paquetá, midfielder of the Brazilian team


Leaked intimate video is attributed to Lucas Paquetá, midfielder of the Brazilian team

Midfielder for the Brazilian team and Lyon, Lucas Paquetá appeared among the most talked about topics on social networks this Tuesday, after the leak of an intimate video that was attributed by Internet users to the player.

The images that circulated are from 2018, when Paquetá defended the colors of Flamengo. In the content of the video, the athlete is supposed to masturbate.

So far, Lucas Paquetá has not commented on the exhibition. The midfielder focuses on the Brazilian team, in San Juan, where Brazil – already qualified for the 2022 World Cup – will face Argentina for the 13th round of the South American Qualifiers.

Lucas Tolentino Coelho De Lima (Brazilian Portuguese; born August 27, 1997), or Paqueta for short, is a Brazilian professional football player who plays as an attacking midfielder and plays for Ligue 1 Lyon and the Brazilian national team. In 2007, 10-year-old Lucas Paquetá came to Flamenco.

At the age of 15, he is skilled, but does not have the physical fitness of other players of the same age. However, by the age of 18, he had grown 27 centimeters taller. Under the leadership of the flamengo youth team, he won the 2016 São Paulo youth team championship, which is the most important youth championship in Brazil. Together with other outstanding players Leo Duarte, Felipe Vizeu and Ronaldo, Lucas was promoted to the club’s professional team immediately after the game.

In March 2016, Paqueta was promoted to flamenco’s professional team and renewed his contract with the team until 2020. On March 5, 2016, Lucas started in the 2016 Rio de Janeiro State League in a 3-1 victory over Bangu. On February 19, 2017, Paqueta scored his first professional goal by beating Madureira 4-0 at the Laurino de Oliveira Stadium in Volta Redonda.

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