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Leaked photos of Julia Fox with Kanye West that have gone viral on twitter and reddit – Who is Julia Fox?


On Sunday, actress Julia Fox spent a pleasant day on the beach in Miami with her friends. The 31-year-old Uncut Gems star chose an all-black appearance when he went out on the second day of the new year.

Who is Julia Fox?

On Saturday, she and Kanye West were spotted at the Italian restaurant Carbone, and her outing began. The Italian-born filmmaker wore a fitted short-sleeved shirt with “Miami” written in white lowercase letters, showing her curves.

She paired a pair of unexpected black leather pants with a top, embracing her shapely figure. The mother of a child added a pair of rainbow-colored slides with white soles. Fox put her things in a small black purse decorated with precious stones. She wore two pairs of small silver earrings and a strange bracelet on her wrist.

The black-haired beauty tied her bun in the middle, hanging straight over her back and shoulders. Julia’s companion is wearing a bikini, carrying towels, bags and other items for shopping at the Faena Hotel. Just one day ago, the artist was seen with Kanye in the images obtained by TMZ. The source told the site that the date was “no big deal”, but after breaking up with Kim Kardashian, he was embracing the single life.

Last month, the rising movie star called her separated husband and pilot Peter Artemiev on Instagram. The two have a son named Valentino, 11 months old. She uninstalled Artmiev on multiple posts, accused him of abandoning her and their son, and referred to him as the “lifeless father of alcoholics.”

The beauty who was born in Milan, Italy posted a photo of Artmiev in late December and wrote: “Have you seen this rigid dad?” and said that he was “in most strip clubs, Lucien , Paul’s [Baby Grand], Casablanca, the streets and so on.”

Fox appeared in the 2019 Uncut Gem with Adam Sandler, she said, viewing screenshots, videos and photos related to her claim to Artmiev, including a clip in which he called her. It was “traumatic” to her.

“I can’t even do this anymore,” said Fox, who joined Artmiev in February 2021 to welcome his son Valentino. “I just don’t want to make my son feel uneasy because he thinks his father is not there or is loved to drink and party more than him… This man left me a 5-month-old child, a dog, a Home and all bills. This is not right!!! This is not fair!!!’

In another article, a follower told Fox that her acting career may be affected by public acrimony. She responded, “This is the life of my son we are talking about-I don’t care about my “acting career”.” She added: “My son loves his father. I accepted the fact that his father refused to attend. I have accepted it, but I am sure that he will serve the public.

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