Lemelon6 Twitter Video || Howie Mandel Deleted Tiktok Post Twitter Video Prolapsed

Lemelon6 Twitter The popular Canadian comedian Howie Mandel posted a viral video on his Tiktok account, which is now gone trending all over the internet, Howie Mandel deleted Tiktok post a Twitter video after people heard the video that Howie Mandel uploaded publically on his social media profile was deleted for some personal reasons. Follow us at 9jalover.com for more updates


The Howie Mandel viral video shows his prolapse that left everyone shocked and asking what is the reason for releasing that video, but he just quickly deleted it after mixed reactions from his fans that already found it disgusting after watching it

Howie Mandel Deleted Tiktok Post Twitter Video:

But before the video was deleted many people from social media had already downloaded it on their devices for sharing purposes, Howie Mandel deleted the Tiktok post video was already gone viral on many video-sharing sites, the video is very disgusting to watch

Howie Mandel is a very popular Canadian comedian who many people know from the popular show America’s Got Talent as judged, and his viral video that shows prolapsed is now one of the popular topics in the United States, and the video can be found here.

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