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Leonard Hubbard Cause Of Death? Longtime Bassist for The Roots Dies at 62


The American Musician Leonard Hubbard, also known as Hub, has sadly passed away. Yes, it is coming forward that the bass guitarist died on Thursday, December 16, 2021. He was admitted to Lankenau Hospital and was getting treatment there. Despite all the possible efforts, the medical staff failed to save Hubbard’s life. Now, social media is flooded with heartfelt tributes and prayers. His fans are expressing their sadness upon losing such an amazing personality. The netizens are also searching for Leonard Hubbard cause of death and how did he die. Here’s what we know.

Leonard Hubbard Death Reason

During an interview with Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s ABC 6, Leonard Hubbard’s wife shared that everything happened fast and added that he husband did not suffer much. It was reported that the musician died just a few hours after he was admitted to Lankenau hospital. Talking about the death cause of Leonard Hubbard, the artist is reported to have died of multiple myeloma, a condition where a group of plasma cells multiplies and becomes cancerous. The disease is able to damage one’s immune system, red blood cell count, bones, and kidneys.

Who Was Leonard Hubbard?

Commonly known as Hub, Leonard Hubbard was the bass guitarist for the American hip hop band “The Roots”. The group was established in 1994 and was active till 2007. The band delivered several hit songs and albums. Some of their popular albums include “Things Fall Apart” from 1999 and 2004 released “The Tipping Point”. Hub was always seen having a chew stick in his mouth. Doesn’t matter if he was on or off the stage, one can see him having the stick.

During his youth, Leonard studied at Settlement Music School while he learnt classical upright bass in Pennsylvania situated university named Carnegie Mellon. On August 31, 2007, Leonard played his last show with the band “The Roots”. Ever since the saddening piece of news came to light, netizens started paying the renowned musician tributes. The Roots also condoled Leonard’s unfortunate death.

The band took to Twitter and shared a picture of the artist while they wrote that they are saying goodbye to their brother Leonard Nelson Hubbard with a heavy heart. They prayed that his transition brings peace to his near and dear ones. The 1959 born artist had reportedly been diagnosed with cancer in 2007, the same year he left the band, and has had a long battle with it. Leonard Hubbard was 62-year-old at the time of his death. We pay homage to his soul.

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