Lil Kleine Video Goes Viral On Social Media

WATCH: Lil Kleine Video Goes Viral On Social Media: Instead of making a name in their music career, the rapper is making their name in wrong deeds. For the past few months, we have read or heard many assault and charges cases of rappers. One another rapper added his name to this list of news. The name of the rapper is Lil Kleine who was apprehended on Sunday, 13th February 2022. As per the media report Gossipsreader Yvonne Coldeweijer shares shocking pictures of Lil Kleine on her Instagram. The rapper is stated to have had an argument with his girlfriend Jaimie Vaes on Saturday evening. Follow More Update On

Lil Kleine Video Explained

Lil Kleine Video

The image which is getting viral showcases how Lil Kleine pulls her out of the car, then the rapper clamps his girlfriend’s head between the car door. However, it is presently not completely clear what exactly was the reason for this abuse, but as per the sources, Jaimie Vaes and her son have been put on the street numerous times by the rapper. Whilst the management of Lil Kleine and Jaimie Vaes states that they will “come with a further statement later”.

The 27-year-old Amsterdammer was apprehended on Sunday evening by the Amsterdam police on suspicion of assault. Police say a probe will be launched Monday morning into exactly what occurred. In any case, the suspect will remain at the station until then. The photos of the alleged assault were uploaded earlier tonight on Yvonne Coldeweijer’s juice channel.

Lil Kleine Video Explained

The photos are dark and sans sound causing stunned reactions among several well-known Dutch people. The management of Jaimie Vaes and Lil Kleine, whose actual name is Jorik Scholten, responds to this site that “We have also watched photos that were distributed on social media tonight. The management of Jorik and Jaimie is in close contact with both and will provide further statements at a later date. No comment will be made until further notice. For now, we ask the family to leave it alone.”

Management can’t say what exactly occurred. It is also not clear whether Vaes sustained any wounds. Lil Kleine made headlines earlier this week after he was given a 120-hour community service order. This is for his involvement in an altercation in Amsterdam’s nightlife in the year 2019.

Many well-known Dutch people react to the incident through social media Singer Jim Bakkum writes on Instagram that “I just watched security photos of an artist who pulled his girlfriend out of the car by her hair at the time of an argument. I was not there and I do not know the reason. But I feel I want to say something to some gentlemen…Haircut man…”


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