Linda Moore Curler is dead – Obituary 2021 – Cause of death

After a 25-year career, Linda Moore retired from Canada’s TSN curling broadcast, effective immediately.

The network announced the news today on the grounds of “chronic health conditions.” However, Linda wants the curling world to know… she’s okay!

“I have so-called benign fasciculation syndrome,” Moore told Curling News from her home in Vancouver. “This is a neurological disease. Doctors don’t really know what caused it, but it may come from viruses, vaccines or stress. It’s not Parkinson, but it involves minor convulsions.”

Moore first noticed this occasional, involuntary twitch in July 2013, and it has since spread from the initial areas of her calves and feet to her tongue, and recently to her fingers.

However, the other aspect is extreme fatigue, which she said was the main reason she left for so many years. “This is the crew member I miss the most,” Moore said. “Working with Vic Rauter for 25 years…I did it!” she joked.

TSN has been eager to fill the gap left by Moore, announcing that a list of various analysts will join the talent team of Rauter and Russ Howard. TSN’s first event of the year will begin this week on December 3rd. The Canadian Cup comes from Camrose, Alberta. [Update: Monday night, we learned that 2010 Olympic silver medalist Cheryl Bernard will become The first person to succeed Moore in Camrose].

“Linda is not only an excellent curling analyst, she is also an excellent broadcaster,” said Scott Higgins, senior curling producer at TSN. “She has received incredible in-depth research and has a natural ability to tell stories. Her greatest strength lies in her depth of knowledge and her insight into the game in the game.”

“I want to thank Vic Rauter for being my guide during those years, and also thank Russ Howard and Ray Turnbull for sharing the booth with me,” Linda told TSN’s public relations department. “I would also like to thank Scott Higgins and all our excellent producers; Andy Bouyoukos and other talented directors; my colleagues Cathy Gauthier and Bryan Mudryk; and everyone involved in the TSN curling movement. This They are a group of talented people who are keen to share the superb skills of curling with fans. I am proud to be a member of the team. I wish the TSN staff all the best in the coming season.

“Similarly, thanks to the excellent curlers, the hard work of the tournament organizing committee, and the fans who have allowed me to enter their home for so many years. You may still see me at your local curling club and help guide the team during practice or bonspiel.”

Moore skipped the national and world championship teams from British Columbia in the mid-1980s, and won a demonstration gold medal at the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics. She has also served as the administrator of this sport; served as the executive director of CurlBC for 19 years, promoted the sport and developed curling projects in the province, and served as the ED of the Sandra Schmirler Foundation (2005-06).

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