Lira Leaked Viral Video On Twitter Eve Jay Private MMS Scandal Tape With QFM Radio CEO Ken Okello

Another video is surfacing all over the Internet stunning its viewers as the video is featuring a well-known face indulging in spending some private moments along with her partner. The video is widely shared on Twitter featuring two of the popular faces including Lira discussing something critical along with QFM Radio CEO Kenn Okello. The Founder of Lira, Muna Obadina along with QFM Radio CEO Ken Okello become one of the prominent topics of discussion nowadays. Both the famous personalities are discussing the strategy of advertising the merchandise. CEO also suggested Muna some of the best ways to promote the products. Get more information on Lira Viral Video On Twitter.

Lira Leaked Viral Video

Lira Leaked Viral Video

As per the latest reports, the video is circulating on some of the major social networking sites including Twitter and Reddit. Well, as far as we were concerned with the video we came to know that discussing over some important topic. The video started emerging after a day after on the Internet and stunned all the people who have watched it so far. As of now, a number of questions have been raised so far of the people who have watched the viral video.

Lira is one of the popular models nowadays, along with being a famous personality she is considered as one of the most controversial and mysterious personalities. In the ongoing trending video featuring the CMO of QFM Radio recorded by digicam discussing Lira. In the video, the CEO shares some of the secrets of the organization and collaborates the money of the common people with Lira. All the significant personalities are gossiping about the leaked video. The 7-minute long video is looking like a private conference recorded in the digicam.

As we informed you multiple times in the post the viral video featuring Lira CEO Muna and QFM Radio CEO Ken Okello unveiling them is also shared on Whatsapp. The online personality was accused of some charges. The video is currently surfacing all over Uganda and receiving strange reactions from the netizens. The entire information has been derived from other sources of the Internet we aren’t claiming any of it. We will get back to you with more information on this till then stay tuned with Social Telecast.

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