Live: Sasural Simar Ka 2, 20th November 2021 Written Update, Check Out Today’s Full Episode Highlights!

Live: Sasural Simar Ka 2, 20th November 2021 Written Update, Check Out Today’s Full Episode Highlights: Written Update for Sasural Simar Ka 2 on November 20, 2021: You’ll find a written update on the next twist in Sasural Simar Ka 2 here. The most popular television series in India is Sasural Simar Ka 2. Sasural Simar Ka 2 Written Update 20th November 2021 will provide you with information regarding today’s episode. Are you looking forward to finding out about the next twist in Sasural Simar Ka 2. Come Let’s watch together. The episode begins with Indu informing Simar that it will be OK if Samar stays here. Simar claims that you have put your faith in him so quickly.

Sasural Simar Ka 20th November 2021 Written Update

Few individuals, according to Reema, consider family before ego. She claims that when a family grows by one, additional revenue is required. Simar claims that I am unconcerned, yet I am possessive of my family. Indu declares, “I shall make puja preparations with my new acquaintance.” According to Samar, you must prepare as if you were the moon for the moon. Indu inquires if he converses with seniors in this manner. Simar, according to Samar, is the older here.

Simar believes she is looking forward to the moon because it would bring serenity to Aarav Ji. Samar is concerned about the terrace, where Simar is installing LED lighting fixtures on the terrace railing. He requests that she do the task as quickly as possible. Karwachauth is compared to Valentine’s Day, according to him. How will you compare, Simar inquires? On Karwachauth, the belly is empty, whereas, on Valentine’s Day, the pocket is empty, according to Samar. You’re helping Valentine’s Day, according to Simar. Samar claims that ladies aren’t designed for him and that he is constantly tuned in.

Sasural Simar Ka Today’s Full Episode

Love isn’t always an illusion, according to Simar, and diverse issues are illusions. Indu inquires whether he has similar conversations with seniors, to which Samar responds that Simar is the elder here. Simar then believes that he is excitedly anticipating the arrival of the moon, which would provide Aarav Ji serenity. Reema, on the other hand, wants Avinash to keep a watch on Simar because she is worried she may be kicked out of the house, and she also asks him to persuade her to produce an album.

After that, Avinash says he’ll keep an eye on Simar and take careful note of her every move. Reema then says her goodbyes to everyone before giving Simar an enraged look and departing. Simar becomes enraged when he hears him make a joke about it. What happens next is rather fascinating to watch, as all of the characters are working hard to make the entire program as entertaining as possible for the audience. Colors TV will broadcast Sasural Simar Ka 2 at 6:30 PM IST and for more latest updates and information on world and trending news

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