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Live Updates: Kerala Nirmal Nr 253 Lottery Result 3-12-2021 Who Won Today’s Jackpot?


Kerala Nirmal Nr 253 Lottery Result 3-12-2021: Hello people, the Kerala State is ready to release the result of the 3rd December 2021 “Nirmal” lottery whose everyone was waiting for. So now finally, their wait is going to end, so just be ready to get your lottery result because only a few moments are left to make you a millionaire. Almost everyone pays attention to lotteries because it is the shortest method to earn the money and these days, everyone would like to get the tag of a millionaire and the lottery is bringing a golden chance for them. So here you can check the result or step how to get the lottery result.

Kerala Nirmal Nr 253 Lottery Result

When it comes to the process, so the aspirants could purchase the tickets of the lottery easily, and make sure that their ticket has a unique number. Because all tickets have their own unique numbers, but a few restrictions also exist in the process. As only those people could buy the tickets who live in the Kerala state, because according to the rules who stay in the different states do not have the right to purchase the tickets. The Lottery department of Kerala state runs 7 lotteries in a week and these lotteries have different names, which makes them different.

The Kerala State Lottery was the firstly introduced by the department which was established in 1967, this incredible idea popped out from the finance minister of the state, who had a brilliant idea to remove poverty. Yes, you heard right, Shri P.K.Kunju Sahib was the only one who decided to set the fixed source of income. Because the state is usually faced a resources crisis, because due to the tragedies of the weather, citizens would have to face such worst circumstances, so, therefore, he set this fixed income source.

Kerala Lottery PRIZE MONEY

  • 1st prize: Rs 60 Lakhs
  • Cons prize: Rs 8,000/-
  • 2nd prize: Rs 5 Lakhs
  • 3rd prize: Rs 1 Lakh
  • 4th prize: Rs 5,000/-
  • 5th prize: Rs 1,000/-
  • 6th prize: Rs 500/-
  • 7th prize: Rs 100/-

Nowadays, lotteries are being considered as the shortest way to become a rich person in such a small time period. Because everyone would like to get the tag of millionaire and only lotteries have privileges to make anyone rich enough. Because everyone loves to make them their live luxury along with their close ones because the money would be the first priority for some people. So just visit the official portal and check the result of your lottery, we will wish you good luck.

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