Lock Upp 10th March 2022 Latest Episode Kangna Praises Karan Kundra

Hello, all the entertainment lovers, finally we are here with the exclusive updates of your favorite and quite controversial TV reality show, “Lock Upp”. As the 10th March 2022 episode is bringing a high voltage drama along with many spots that will make you feel over the top. So just be ready to stream the show because all contestants are ready to spread the magic of their phenomenal activities to secure their journey ahead in the show because only a week has passed yet, and despite this, many enthusiastic twists and turns took place among the contestants. So below you could get the comprehensive details you need to know.

Lock Upp

The recent episode begins, where Karan Kundra enters in the show and makes a call to Kangna Ranaut, for giving her an update on the activities which took place among the contestants in recent days. He comes and says that in the absence of her he has done plenty of things with them while taking care as well. Kangna asks him that at what kind of activities they have done in the show under his presence. Then he unleashes everything in front of her while addressing her as a queen.

Meanwhile, he says that in the jail a few prisoners are too clever and a few are fool enough as well, as they are doing such things under thinking about the format and their image. But gradually they are coming into the control of him, and as far as he has concerned he will definitely take their rope in his hand for sure. Kangna says that she knows about him that he has the ability to take over the rope of the contestants, which sounds best as well. Because he is ready to spread the magic of his game strategy.

After a while, he says that in the jail a few prisoners are living into their illusions as well, as they do not want to play the game as their sagacious nature, they always consider their image first so that, their image could be clean and nothing could pop out ahead. But it is a reality show where everything comes out in such a manner, that no one could even predict. So, therefore, it would be wrong to play the safe game all the time, because unwillingly their personalities will definitely come out. So swatch it on MX Player and for more details stay tuned with us.

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