Louie Castro And Fernando Break-Up? What Is The Viral Video? Check Twitter Reaction

Louie Castro, YouTube makeup guru, has gotten in the headlines ever since he broke up with his boyfriend, Fernando Flores. The YouTube star announced the break up on his official channel “Louie’s Life” by sharing a video. Well, the video has been going viral online and has become the topic of discussion among the netizens. However, some section of people also seem to get confused about the whole matter and are searching for the matter’s details on the internet. We have brought you all the latest details of the ongoing matter.

Louie Castro And Fernando

The 22-year-old make-up guru disclosed that he has parted ways with his boyfriend whom he had been dating for the past two years. Louie shared that they are not together for the last month. While the YouTuber announced the breakup with Fernando Flores, the latter also got in the news as a video of him cheating on his boyfriend went viral. In the viral video, Fernando Flores was kissing a man, whose identity has not been revealed yet, in the club. The video sparked concern from the duo’s fandom and soon it became a hot topic of debate and circulated on the internet.

Now, Louie Castro has shared a video where he is seen addressing the cheating video allegations on Fernando. The former announced that long story short, he and Fernando are not together anymore and added that they are not together for one month now. He further said that their relationship did not end on any bad terms and they separated as they were not feeling the spark anymore in their relationships while there were no more ups and downs. Castro also explained that they had started arguing over little things.

As the matter rose wildly, YouTuber Sebastian Soto has spoken about the same. He shared a video where he has explained that Fernando has confessed to kissing another man but the incident happened when he had already broken up with Castro. However, Louie Castro has assured his fans that Fernando has not cheated on him with another man as they had already broken up in private. Talking about their relationship history, the couple started dating in 2019. They reportedly met at a Pride event and the rest is history. Flores had appeared on Louis Castro’s YouTube channel in a video which was titled “Boyfriend rated my outfits.” For more updates, follow our site.

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