Lucas reportedly shares he is still in NCT, WayV fans wonder if SM is testing waters

We’re steadily getting an growing variety of mentions of Lucas and WayV being a seven-member group that followers are questioning if we’re close to getting him once more. Okay-pop idol Lucas was embroiled in a relationship scandal the place 4 of his alleged exes claimed that he had gaslit them, used their money and cheated on them. Some followers moreover speculated that sexual assault may want been involved no matter it not being talked about inside the allegations. Nevertheless instead of denying or accepting the accusations, SM and Lucas merely apologized with the NCT star occurring hiatus in August 2021.

Nevertheless with the sudden influx of mentioning Lucas has followers suspicious. We first had a leaked product sales info of SM claiming that Lucas and Hendery’s sub-unit single ‘Jalapeno’ might be launched in 2022. Lucas then bought right here on-line on Instagram to publish a picture of the ocean in February. In May second week we then had Yangyang confirming that WayV nonetheless had seven members. This was adopted by chief Kun sharing that they’d not too way back had a bunch title with the seven of them.

Lucas allegedly indicators off as ‘NCT’s Lucas’

And now on Could 31, a Knetizen who was current at a driver’s license college, Inexperienced Academy shared {a photograph} of Lucas’ autograph. OP (genuine poster) claimed that numerous NCT members had gone to the academy last week to get their driver’s license after which signed on the celeb wall. The ultimate NCT member’s autograph occurred to be Lucas who signed off as ‘NCT’s Lucas’.

To date, Okay-pop groups have been schooled by their labels to not level out one thing alluding to any scandals since most people is awfully delicate. And so with the WayV members hinting at Lucas nonetheless being a part of the group and the idol allegedly signing NCT, followers are questioning if OP’s publish is even true and if SM is just testing the waters to see most of the people’s response as as to whether Lucas continues to be welcome inside the Okay-pop commerce.


‘SM has been pretty vague’

One individual posted, “It felt like SM is telling them to say that there are 7 to test out people’s reactions. Like, they would take about the members doing something. then they pause and rephrase their statement to the 7 members doing something. Like, it just seemed so out of place when kun mentioned it during his live. It sounded more obligatory rather than full-on support for Lucas. Also, it doesn’t help that SM has been pretty vague and unresponsive recently about the situation.” One different equally commented, “There’s no way SM are kicking him out …if others managed to survive , he is going to survive SM are just testing the water for the moment to make it official.”




Some followers have been unhappy with the publish as one tweeted, “He needs to leaveee us nctzens have been waiting for him to leave.” A Knetizen wrote, “Huh? Lucas is still in NCT?? They’re not kicking him out??” One different added, “I remember that he ruined Jalapeno and Hendery’s efforts in it. I personally don’t want him back wayv can work well as six.” One puzzled if the incident was fake inside the first place, “They really took this old pic from superm’s collab with korean air n thought we wouldn’t notice💀💀stop believing everything u see on this app jus cuz its written in korean.” One different fan shared, “Just let the man be in hiatus in peace for gods sake… i swear yall make his name goes trending every two weeks.” One added, “I don’t know this is true or not but im glad he’s doing good.”



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