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Maaji And Ginesh Tricking Everyone


In the latest episode of Nima Denzongpa, we have watched that Maaji and Ginesh are criticizing Suman badly and she is sobbing. Maaji even says that Suman is a useless mother. Babita was also standing there listening to them and comes in her mother and says that she is proud on her as for the first time she took stand for her children and says that you are my inspiration. She says now she doesn’t want to get married with a man who affected by society that much. Get more information on Nima Denzongpa Written Update.

Nima Denzongpa

Babita continued with her words in the support of her mother but her father lost his temper and about to slap her but saved by Suman. While saving her daughter from Ginesh’s slap she got hit by a wall and injured severely. Ginesh, Maaji, and Babita rush to her. Nima who bring Paras along with her to his home heard Ginesh screams and also rushed inside the house. Paras and Nima scared seeing Suman falling in stairs. They all rushed her to the hospital and doctor informs that her health condition is critical.

The Doctor further says that she immediately needs O- negative blood. Nima also informs at home about Suman. Nima comes forward and gives her blood to Suman. Manya reached hospital along with Suresh and Maaji made faces seeing her. Paras asks Babita how did this happen, Babita is about to telling the truth but Maaji again manipulates her words and says she wasn’t feeling good since you left the house and in your separation this happened with her. Babita looks on. Babita further says to Paras that they easily get agreed to take a servant’s blood but at the same time refusing to accept her daughter. Paras says Nima aunty is great.

After a while, all gathered near Nima, Paras folds his hand and thanks Nima. Ginesh and Maaji again started playing their game and Ginesh takes Babita along with her in the pretext of comleteing the formalities. Maaji there says that Suman immersed in immense shock due to Paras’ marriage. She further says that she is cursing herself.

She then shows her fake tears and pleads to stay away Suman from all this mess. Nima agrees with Maaji, Paras and Manya worryingly hearing them. Tune in to Colors TV from Monday to Friday at 9 PM and enjoy all the new episodes. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more entertainment updates.

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