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Madison Dubiski, Astroworld Last Eye Witness Revealed Age Bio & Profession Details


Nowadays, Travis Scott is remaining the subject of discussion among the people ever since the concert night controversy happened, where At least eight were killed and many were brutally injured during Astroworld Festival. Recently a name is popped out who has been recognized as the last victim of the tragedy, so now everyone is keen to get the comprehensive details because many admirers of Travis have lost their lives. But as soon as the investigation is going ahead several secrets are getting revealed, something similar has been shared by Madison Dubiski, get to know more check the details given below.

Madison Dubiski Hd Images Astroworld Last Witness

According to the sources, Madison Dubiski was attending the music festival along with her younger brother called TY, they were together seen in the spot of the concert until they puller apart in the masses. It is being said that she was sucked into the mass while her sibling tried to pull her for safety so that, they can affect less and no injuries could surround their bodies but unfortunately, circumstances were overturned in such a manner that was beyond anyone’s expectation. Hitherto no reports regarding TY’s health are reported, but everyone is keeping their eyes on each activity of victims.


23-years-old Madison Dubiski was one of the eight victims who saw the incident through their eyes, and she was the last as well, who could have unleashed everything but she is no more among us. She belonged to Cypress then she went to Cy-Fair High School and was a cheerleader of Varsity and member of the National Charity League. She had graduated from the University of Mississippi and loves to travel and attend concerts especially her favorite singers. But she did not have any idea that lethal tragedy was waiting for her and her younger brother.

It is being reported, that ever since the controversy happened several reactions and derogatory remarks surrounded the social media handle of Travis Scott. Because he was seen singing and performing during the tragedy because of which, admirers are expressing their rage towards him. Because he should have stopped himself after seeing massive ruckus among the admirers, but despite this, he continued the concert which was inappropriate enough and became the cause of his defame and therefore a heavy flood of reaction has surrounded him. Later, he issued the apology letter through social media so that, the admirers can stop passing such remarks.

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