Mamta Learns About Ranveer’s Job

The episode of Sirf Tum begins with Vikrant speaking to somebody on the telephone angrily. In the meantime, Suhani comes and bumps into Vikrant. The latter will get indignant and lashes out at her. He tells her that she isn’t allowed to roam round the home. Vikrant asks her to remain in a nook solely. Suhani will get upset and apologizes to him. Vikrant says that he doesn’t need her sorry. Ranveer comes and says that Vikrant doesn’t even deserve a sorry. Ranveer brings water and throws it at Vikrant’s coat. Suhani will get shocked.

sirf tum

Ranveer goes on to instigate Vikrant. He asks him to vent out his anger at him if he desires. Vikrant doesn’t perceive his motion. Asha watches the scene too. Within the subsequent scene, Mamta comes and scolds Ranveer for insulting his father. Asha will get irritated and leaves. Ranveer apologizes to Suhani on Vikrant’s behalf. Suhani tells him that Mamta is telling him the suitable factor. She says that she resides on hire and has no relationship with Ranveer apart from being his tenant. Suhani will get teary eyes as she requests Mamta to kind issues up with Ranveer.

Later, Ranveer and Suhani meet within the faculty. He asks Suhani why is she shedding her mood these days and asks her if something is mistaken. Suhani says that he couldn’t communicate in entrance of Riya however now could be giving lectures to her. Ranveer tells Suhani that Riya was joking and that he solely loves her. Suhani will get triggered and asks if that’s the case why did he not come to his wedding ceremony. Ranveer will get surprised. He doesn’t say something and leaves. On one other hand, Mamta additionally goes to school. She finds Ranveer coaching gamers.

Ansh tells Mamta that Ranveer cannot play anymore as he has been rusticated. He provides that Ranveer cannot turn out to be the captain of the staff however can turn out to be the coach. Mamta will get shocked to find out about Ranveer doing a job within the faculty. Mamta talks to Ranveer about hiding his job from her. He guarantees to elucidate every little thing to her later. Mamta tells Vikrant about Ranveer doing a job. Vikrant will get upset as he needed him to deal with the enterprise as a substitute. Vikrant tells Mamta that Ranveer even signed the contract on which it was written he cannot turn out to be a health care provider and need to deal with his enterprise. Mamta will get shocked. Observe for updates.

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