Man Arriving “Unharmed” In Landing Gear Of Plane Check Full Viral Video

Would you believe if we say that a man travelled all the way from Guatemala to Miami in the plane’s landing gear? It’s certainly obvious that it is beyond one’s imagination. Well, this is not even the shocking part as the said man not just reached there strangely but was also unharmed. Yes, a video of a man is going viral all over the internet which is posted by Miami’s local social news site “Only in Dad”. Now, the video has taken over social media and is mainly trending on Instagram. The video shows that the airport crew found the passenger when the plane arrived at the gate.

Man Arriving Unharmed In Landing Gear Of Plane

Only in Dade shared a video on Twitter and wrote that the man arrived at MIA in the landing gear of a plane from a Guatemala flight. It was also shared that the flight was about two hours and thirty minutes long. The main shocking thing was that the man did not get injured and was totally unharmed when he was found by the airport crew. It was an American Airlines Flight 1182 from which this additional passenger travelled. The flight landed on November 27 around 10 AM.

As soon as the flight arrived, the man was immediately handed over to US immigration officials. Even though he was not harmed, the man sat down for a while and looked unconscious. Taking his health into consideration, the man was soon admitted to the hospital. It is also coming forward that a maintenance worker had recorded the said video but refrained from commenting anything as he was scared of losing his job. Now, the video is going insanely viral online and has become the topic of discussion among netizens who are expressing their shock over the same.

The man is reported to be around 26-year-old and was sitting on the tarmac wearing blue jeans paired with a T-shirt, a jacket, and boots. CBP has also issued a statement about the matter where they said that U.S Customs and Border Protection officers at Miami International Airport have captured a man who tried to escape detection in the landing gear of the flight from Guatemala. CBP also stated that currently, the shocking incident is under investigation. Meanwhile, American Airlines also stated that the authorities checked Flight 1182 due to some security issues. Any further detail about the incident has not been revealed yet.

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