Man Bitten By Otters Video Of Otters In Kallang Goes Viral On Social Media

SINGAPORE: Man Bitten By Otters Video Of Otters In Kallang Goes Viral On Social Media: A bit of reports coming from Singapore the place a morning run of a person ended with a visit to the hospital for a tetanus shot after he was bitten by an otter at Kallang Riverside Park on Monday (4th of April 2022). As per the report, the person was tremendous excited to observe a pack of about 30 otters a a lot bigger group than what he often watches within the park- Mr. Ang, who rejected to offer his total identify, adopted the pack to take movies whereas conserving a 2m distance. However about 30 seconds later, an grownup otter sure on the 52-year-old and bit him on the calf. Observe Extra Replace On

Man Bitten By Otters Singapore

Man Bitten By Otters

“I was a little stunned when the otter turned to me, my aptitude was to stay still and hope nothing would occur. I did not think it would bite me.” While his leg was bleeding, Mr Ang, who lives within the space, didn’t suppose it was a extreme ample wound to name an ambulance. The engineer said he spots otters on his jogs about as soon as every week, however often solely in teams of 5 or 6.

He washed the harm at a closeby rest room after which took a bus to get to Raffles Hospital which is in Bugis, the place he bought an X-ray and a tetanus shot. The physician additionally gave him 5 days of medical go away, while he said he feels superb. He states laughing, “When I informed my family what occurred, they stated it served me right.”

Man Bitten By Otters In SINGAPORE

“I have advised them to not get close to any wild animals in the past, but in my excitement, I forgot to pay attention to my own advice,” he said, including that the incident wouldn’t stop him from his each day jogs there.

Co-chief government of Animal Considerations Analysis and Training Society (Acres), Mr Kalai Vanan Balakrishnan said that while otters are cute and lovable, they’re nonetheless wild animals. He stated, “While it is wonderful to be able to watch wild animals within our urban landscape, we require to know what to do and how to be around them.”

Man Bitten By Otters Video

He additional added that the general public ought to all the time give house to wild animals. He stated, “The otters in the video of Mr. Ang have pups with them. This would make the adults more protective and cautious of their surroundings. The person following the otters may have further triggered the family into thinking he is a potential menace, which is the likely reason for the otters become defensive.”


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