Manfred Thierry Mugler dead and obituary, was a French fashion designer

Muller was born in Strasbourg, France. His passion led him to focus more on painting than school, and at the age of 9, he began studying classical dance. At the age of 14, he joined the ballet company of the Opéra national du Rhin.

At the same time, Mugler began formal training in interior design at the School of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg.

In 1971, Mugler, who was in his early twenties, began designing clothes for Karim, already showing off the wide-shouldered 1940s-inspired look he made famous in his later years. At the age of 24, Muller moved to Paris. He started designing clothes for the Paris boutique Gudule. At the age of 26, working as a freelance designer, Mugler started designing for various large ready-to-wear boutiques in Paris, Milan, London and Barcelona.

In 1973, Mugler created his first personal collection, called “Café de Paris”. The style of the collection is sophisticated and urban. Melka Tréanton is a formidable fashion editor who helped launch his career. In 1976, she invited him to present his work in Tokyo for an event organized by Shiseido.

In 1978, he opened his first Parisian boutique on Place de la Victory in the 1st arrondissement and quickly gained attention as one of the most extreme designers of the Fall 1978 collection, with a passion for mid-20th century sci-fi. The 1940s-50s-inspired glamour with soft themes and exaggerated 1940s-1950s-inspired appeal is marked by sharp tailoring. Meanwhile, Thierry Mugler launched a men’s fashion collection.

In retrograde Wagner performances, he will continue to wear 1940s-style shoulders and a tailored suit from the 1950s.

During the 1980s and 1990s, Thierry Mugler became an internationally acclaimed designer, often working alongside Claude Montana and Azzedine Alaïa, but he was especially known for his shapely suits, whose collections were a huge commercial success. Aside from a few staid salon presentations in the late eighties (when he also cut down on shoulder pads), his catwalk shows were extravagant events held in arena-like settings, and the collections associated with them had themes in later, sci-fi Seventies theme, one season is African themed, the next is the vampire-demon theme, and the next is the aquatic theme. He completed his first haute couture collection in 1992 at the request of the Haute Couture Association.

He designed the 1987 Eurovision 1987Throwback Thursday: 1987 gown for Viktor Lazlo.

He created the black dress that Demi Moore wore in the 1993 film Indecent Proposal.

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