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Marisol Yotta and Bastián Yotta on onlyf – photos and videos leaked


The Yottas: millions, excesses and pleasures of an uncontrolled marriage. A life full of luxuries and joys surround María and Bastian, owners of a mansion in Hollywood that has turned them into icons of Instagram. How the kings of the exhibition live.

A mansion stands out. Its display and display mode are different. Is different. Although all this happened in the magnificent Hollywood Hills, a magnificent house began to compare with the house of Playboy creator Hugh Hefner (Hugh Hefner).

This similarity not only corresponds to the architectural features and interior luxury, but also to the people who live in it. María and Bastian Yotta are German millionaires and a luxurious couple. They came to Hollywood to attract the attention of so many people and show themselves on social networks. They and their huge amount of money.

Yotta’s life seems to be focused on fantasy. Due to the contempt of their neighbors, they fled Munich, and they even spit at them while they were driving.

In the United States, it’s relatively peaceful now, and they have found a way of life-according to them-anyone can achieve their goals: to become a millionaire, drive Ferrari and Rolls Royce, and the most beautiful woman or man Go out and even become a superhero.

According to neighbors, you can constantly hear the screams and music of a mansion hosting hundreds of guests to celebrate endless parties, so much so that this house is considered a “party home”.

The 10-room mansion has a charming photo of him and his wife scattered on their garage door. In addition, Yottas owns countless somewhat weird properties: a lion as a pet and many pool parties, inviting several beautiful girls in bikinis.

Because of this, the neighbors even expressed their troubles in the local news, although this did not stop the couple from making ridiculous and obvious displays of their millionaire lives.

However, the owner of the house said in a statement to the New York Daily News, “The previous owner was a person who gave him and his wife a bad reputation.” Yotta went on to admit that he hosted an event for 350 guests. The opening ceremony is a red carpet with a lion in a cage and live music performance. The actor and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger even participated in some of these events.

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