Mark Gomes death and obituary, Founder & CEO of Pipeline Data Passed away – cause of death

Mark Gomes death and obituary, Founder & CEO of Pipeline Data Passed away – cause of death: Mark Gomes is the CEO of Pipeline Data, LLC. He founded the firm in 2004 to provide investment advice to several of the nation’s leading hedge and mutual fund firms. His approach revolves around identifying net changes, opportunities and misunderstandings in the marketplace. Gomes has built an enviable reputation for identifying low risk, high reward situations using the IT industry’s proprietary metrics and extensive network of contacts.


He has over 20 years of equity research experience and has held various key positions in leading IT research and consulting firms. He began his career at International Data Corporation, where he led the buy-side investment research practice. Most recently, he was Director of Investment Research at AMR Research at a globally renowned IT consulting firm (later acquired by Gartner Group). There, he drove the expansion of the business unit into a multi-million dollar business and oversaw more than 100 Wall Street institutions during his tenure.

In addition to overseeing Pipeline Data, Mark Gomes is a National Masters Track and Field Champion and world record holder. He has competed in several national events and represented Team USA in fourth place at the 2011 World Masters Athletics Championships.

He also published a book called Faster Than Forty, which details the diet, lifestyle, training techniques and other physiological maneuvers that have allowed him to return to track and field after a 13-year hiatus.

Gomez has since quit athletics and quit the business world. He is now committed to coaching high school cross country in Miami Beach, Florida. He also provides insights into stock investing at and his new venture, (where you can sign up for free to access all of his work).

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