Massive Fire at Matt’s Cash and Carry in Texas Video Flames Rising From Building

The world has just entered a new year with hope and love but it seems like that the tragedies won’t take a break. What’s worse than hearing a saddening piece of news on the second day of 2022? Well, nothing can change the fact that it has happened. Yes, a massive fire broke out at a local business in Texas on Saturday, January 1, in the morning itself. According to city officials, the City of Pharr Fire Department along with the Police Department and Pharr EMS has responded to a horrific fire that occurred at Matt’s Cash and Carry.

Matt's Cash and Carry In Texas Fire

A video of the incident has been spreading over the internet taking the netizens in shock. The video shows a cloud of thick black smoke rising from a building located near 400 East Expressway. As the fire was major, the officials have asked the pedestrians and the drivers to avoid coming near the area so that their lives don’t come into danger. Besides, the fire department has arrived at the scene and the firefighters have been trying to put out the blaze. Despite the fire being massive, no reports of deaths or any fatalities have come forward yet.

Apart from it, it is also not sure if the business was closed or open considering it was a New Year. However, it is being reportedly said that no one was harmed as the business was given the New Year’s Day holiday. Now, talking about the said business, it happens to be a destination for construction products including several kinds of tools while it also offers home improvement services. It is comprised of almost 170 staff or employees and has been operating in over three locations. Undoubtedly, the fire had caused huge damage to the business which will need time to recover from.

Taking people’s lives into consideration, officials have closed some roads which happen to be near the location. The roads that have been closed for a short period of time include I-69/I-2 Interchange which joins Edinburg to San Juan along with East Polk Avenue which is also closed. However, it’s a relief that no one has reportedly been injured or died as of now and we hope that it continues to be the same too. So far, not much information is available about the incident yet. We will update further after getting any accurate information regarding the same.

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