Massive Traffic Jam Congestion SG Incident

East Coast Road Accident: Massive Traffic Jam Congestion SG Incident: A piece of shocking news has been making the headlines from Tanzania that has left everyone shocked. Yes, we are talking about a bus-lorry collision in which at least 23 people have been killed and 37 are injured seriously. It was really fatal accident that happened in Morogoro in eastern Tanzania. The news of this fatal collision has been circulating on social media platforms and getting immense responses from people. People have been mourning the deaths of the victims and also praying for the speedy recovery of injured people. In this article, we are going to give you all information about the bus-lorry collision so stay tuned. Follow More Update On

Ilorin Airport Accident

East Coast Road Accident

As per the latest reports, there was a bus-lorry collision that happened in Morogoro in eastern Tanzania and took the lives of 23 people while leaving 37 injured. Everyone is shocked after knowing the news of the accident. The truck was traveling to the Democratic Republic of Congo from Dar es Salaam which collided with a bus when the driver was overtaking two motorbikes. It was reported that the bus was traveling in the other direction from the western city of Mbeya to the coastal city of Tanga.

However, traffic accidents are common in Tanzania due to poor road conditions, failure to enforce traffic rules, and rash driving as well. Talking about the recent accidents, 4 people were killed in a road accident outside the southwestern town of Tunduma on Monday. In May 2017, 35 people were killed in a bus crash in which 32 children were involved. In the year 2015, 42 people were killed in a crash between a bus and a truck.

On Friday, another fatal collision took place in Tanzania in which at least 23 people were killed and 37 are left injured. There is not much information is available about injured people. However, some sources disclosed that some are in stable condition while some are in critical condition. The whole country is praying for the victims.

On the other, the family members of people who have died are in trauma. The collision was a shock to everyone, especially the victims and their family members. The investigation is also ongoing of the case. The authorities are trying to find out the reason behind the collision. The authorities have not released much information about the collision. As soon as the information about the accident will be disclosed, we will let you know for sure till then stay tuned with us for the latest updates.


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