Max Julien The Mack Death – Obituary, Cause of death

Max Julien-best known for his protagonist in the underworld movie “Mike”-has passed away.

Max Julien (1945-2022) is an American actor, sculptor, and costume designer, best known for his role as Goldie in the 1973 black exploitation film The Mack. Julien also appeared in Def Jam’s “How to Become a Player”. The guest starred in TV shows such as The Mod Squad, The Bold Ones: The Protectors and One on One.

He started his career on the off-Broadway touring stage in New York, including Joseph Papp’s “Shakespeare-In-The-Park”. Moving west to Hollywood, he co-starred with Jack Nicholson in “Insanity” and Candice Bergen in Columbia’s box office hit “Straight Go”. During his stay in Rome, Italy, he wrote and directed a documentary called Trestevre, and then wrote the script for Warner Bros’ blaxploitation classic Cleopatra Jones and subsequently co-produced it. The film was produced by actress Tamara Dobson (Tamara Dobson). ) Take the title role of a drug agent. Her martial arts are as proficient as firearms.

Due to undisclosed circumstances, the actor/writer/producer passed away on his birthday on January 1st-this is according to his public relations team… They said his wife was very early on Saturday morning Found him.

In a statement, they said in part… “In Julian’s decades-long career, he is known for his boldness, honesty, and straightforwardness. He will live professionally and privately and speak out. The truth about him. He is considered a rare’man among men’.”

Comic book writer and film producer David F. Walker posted on social media about Julian’s death in memory of his friend.

He wrote: “Max Julien January 1, 1945-January 1, 2022. I met Max in 1996. He is a great person and we had many wonderful conversations. He is talented, humorous, and charming. Extraordinary…RIP” The title of DFW accompanies Julian’s artistic rendering at his peak, depicting the classic scenes in “TM”.

Although he earned some acting credits, what Julien remembers most is his role as Goldie in the classic film of 1973-he portrayed an ambitious and budding Oakland pimp in the film, with corrupt police and drug lord. After facing off from prison.

Along the way, he and his partner Slim built his roster of women…Interestingly, he was played by the then young Richard Pryor, who broke out long before he became an important actor. Of course, RP has matured as a comedian at this time.

Several different lines and scenes from “The Mack” have entered pop culture-especially in hip-hop music, where multiple rappers sample movie clips into their songs. Some tribute to MC-Too Short, Snoop Dogg, Raekwon, Mobb Deep, LL Cool J, Public Enemy, Jadakiss, MC Ren, Kriss Kross and Big K.R.I.T…. to name a few.

Julian also starred in some other famous movies and shows… “Black Ku Klux Klan”, “Insanity”, “Nervous”, “Mod Squad”, “Straightforward”, “How to Become a Player”, etc. . He also helped create the “Cleopatra Jones” series-another blaxploitation legend.

Julian’s wife Arabella (Arabella) survived. He is 88 years old.

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