Mehak Makes Pratha Aware Of Her Powers?

Hello, all the Naagin lovers, finally the weekend is here which indicates that fresh episodes are eagerly waiting for you. Because weekly the makers of Naagin are doing duh things to enhance the drama level up to the extent. Something similar is going to happen through the 20th February 2022 episode where you will watch that Mheakk will unleash such shocking facts about the “Sheshvansh” because she knows the reality of Pratha, as she is a younger sister of her, and knows when to make her aware with her supernatural powers, as they have to slaughter all demons.

Naagin Season 6 Written Update 20th February 2022: Mehak Makes Pratha Aware Of Her Powers?

The recent episode begins, where Mehak makes the professor acquainted with her exploit that she got the success in the slaughtering of one demon among those 20. But he gets shocked to hear because as far as he has concerned all those demons did not reveal their face yet, therefore, he makes her understand that she killed a wrong person who was innocent enough and did not know anything else. Mehak gets surprised because when she saw him, he was doing such a thing which increased suspicion, and therefore, she had to kill him because she did not know anything.

Naagin Season 6 Today’s Episode Update

After a while, Mehak says that first, she will have to make Pratha familiarized with her supernatural powers because she also belongs to “Sheshvansh” and both will have to kill those enemies who will be proven harmful for them in the future. Because all those 20 demons want to get the “Naagmani” at any cost, so that, they can sell that and get the appropriate money. Hence, they are searching for it for a long and want to get it no matter what happens, and therefore, they are removing all Naagins from the path and being a “Sheshvansh Naagin” Mehak could not get the success.

At the same time, Mehak revealed the truth in front of the professor that Pratha is the one who has supernatural powers up to the extent and has an ability to finish all those demons whose involvement is standing behind all these exploits. Meanwhile, she mentions that Pratha has a right on “Naagmani” as she got the boon from Lord Shiva when her birth was taking place. But hitherto she is unaware with all those advantages which she got in the boon of Lord Shiva, and as far as she has concerned now the time has arrived to make her acquainted with those powers.

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