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By the end of the year comes everyone’s favourite festival Christmas. It has to be the only festival that excites people of all age groups, does not matter if they are kids or a grown-up. The preparation to celebrate the annual festival also begins one week before. From decorating the houses to buying plenty of gifts for loved ones, Christmas Day brings lots of excitement among the people. It is no doubt that everything about this festival is amazing. Well, let’s check about it in brief along with Merry Christmas 2021 Images, Wishes, and Quotes.

Celebrated every year on December 25, Christmas is one of the biggest festivals at present which is celebrated across the globe. People from all religions and cast come together by crossing all the boundaries to enjoy the most joyous festival at this time. It is celebrated annually to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ, also known as Jesus. As Jesus is a Christians’ God, he is being worshipped on this day where people prepare nothing less than a feast and decorate their home with love and excitement. However, the festival is not only limited to Christians as billions of people from all religions enjoy it equally.

Jesus Christ was born on 25th December to Joseph and Mary in Bethlehem. It is said that when Mary and Joseph had entered the city, they had no place to stay. Later, they were offered a stable which also became the place where Jesus took birth. It is also believed that when Jesus Christ was born, angels proclaimed the good piece of news to shepherds who went on to spread it to the world. Although the date of birth of Jesus is not confirmed, the church in the fourth century decided the 25th of Dec as his birth date and month and since then, it has been celebrated on the same day.

According to the Christian religion, the Christmas word is made of two separate words including “Christ” and “mass”. These words mean the holy celebration or festival of Christ. On another side, everyone is aware of Jesus Christ’s other name which is “Messiah” as he was known to be the incarnation of God the Son, the second person of Trinity in Christian theology. His crucifixion is honoured on Good Friday while his resurrection is being celebrated on Easter Sunday. Besides, Jesus is also revered in other religions as well. Muslims believe that Jesus was neither God nor God’s son and that he was born a virgin.

At this time, Christmas is one of the biggest festivals which is celebrated with great and pomp and show around the world. Billions of people come together and celebrate the festival. Also, Christianity is the biggest religion which makes the festival quite popular. As mentioned above, people excitedly celebrates the festival by doing a lot of things. Their celebration includes holding feasts, church processions, decorating Christmas trees with lights and stuff along with Santas visit. The major highlight on this day is the Christmas trees as people decorate them with beautiful ornaments.

People put their best efforts into decorating the Christmas tree as it actually steals all the limelight of the festival. Everyone’s eye automatically falls on the tree considering it is the centre of attraction. Besides, people buy Santa caps and dresses to get dressed like one. In various schools, the kids are even required to come to the school dressed up as Santa so that they can feel the festival. Santa also plays a very important in the festival. It is believed that on this day, Santa brings gifts that include chocolates, toffees, and other accessories to the children.

Santa Claus is also known as the Father of Christmas. It is being said that Santa only brings gifts to the children who are good at behaviour while the naughty ones get nothing. Besides, the big man is also believed to deliver the gifts to kids from his workshop which is situated at the North Pole. It is said that he accomplish this with the help of flying reindeer through the air. The festival holds many beliefs and sayings. Whatever be the reason, it is no doubt that the festival brings happiness and joy on the children’s faces as they eagerly wait for their gifts.

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