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To commemorate the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ, on 25th December, Christmas Day is celebrated. The day is celebrated by millions of people around the world. Despite being completely a Christian festival, it is celebrated by people belonging to other religions as well. With that, it has become a widely celebrated joyous festival that brings positivity and enthusiasm to one’s life. As it is celebrated a week before new years, people also start their preparations for welcoming the upcoming year with happiness and delight. On this special day, the schools and colleges are shut down while the workplaces remain opened.

Merry Christmas

The exciting festival has been celebrated for many years now on the same date despite having no official confirmation of Jesus of Nazareth or Jesus Christ taking birth. It is believed that Jesus Christ brought happiness to the lives of people and was known as God’s child. He was the son of Mary who was believed to be a virgin. Jesus was known for his miracles as he released the sufferings of people and helped them get out from their agonies. He was a social reformer and a renowned preacher who taught people to spread love instead of hatred.

Merry Christmas Pictures Merry Christmas wallpapers Merry Christmas 2020 Merry Christmas

So, people from all around the world celebrate this festival with sheer happiness as they exchange amazing gifts along with delicious cakes and pastries. No one celebrates this festival alone and celebrating it among the family and friends is what makes this day even more special. Meanwhile, the children also believe in Santa Claus who is expected to send gifts to each and every child. So, families themselves manage to provide the children with their desirable present and in the name of Santa Claus, it is kept under their pillows.

Jesus Christ Pictures

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the entire world is suffering from right now, many countries including several states have banned the celebrations and have appealed to the people to celebrate it inside the houses only. But still, the excitement has not vanished and everyone is waiting for its arrival just like every year. There are some countries that have arranged grand celebrations such as Dubai which will wish the people a Merry Christmas through the slide show of images and wishes, and quotes on Burj Khalifa.

merry christmas jesus Jesus Christ christmas

Besides the celebration, people also wish each other on Christmas Day through phone calls, or messages or by giving them greeting cards. Let’s see some beautiful images, you can share with your family anf friends on the festive occasion.

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