Michael Shott Texas Physics Teacher Beaten By Middle School Students

A high school teacher Michael Shott has been attacked by four students following which he has suffered some bad injuries. While violence among students is rising up rapidly it’s yet another time that the act of violence has shaken everyone. But what is the whole incident revolving around Michael Shott?

Read ahead to know more about Michael Shott and the attack on him at the high school.

Who Is Michael Shott?

Michael Shott is an assistant baseball coach at the Langham Creek High School, Texas. Shott also serves as the physics teacher in the Langham Creek school. It was reportedly only after the video of him going doing rounds on the internet that his identity came to be known.

He was certainly attacked by four students who claimed to be of another middle school was seen in the viral video. He has however suffered injuries after the attack and has been left with a broken arm. Yet he is reportedly doing fine now.

What Was The Whole Incident Of Attack On Michael Shott?

It was evidently the incident of 10th Feb this year that four students of Aragon Middle school were seen attacking the teacher and assistant baseball coach Michael Shott at Langham Creek High School that’s situated in Harris County, Texas.

As per reports obtained from a student of Langham Creek high school, four students were seen making noise with their dirt bike at the Langham Creek campus which annoyed Shott. The Texas teacher then tried to tell the students to stop doing that but they didn’t bother. It was certainly after that they started getting on Shott and punching and beating him. However, Shott somehow managed to get away from them.


Accused Four Aragon Middle School Students Arrested

After causing a lot of trouble to the high school baseball coach the four accused students visible in the viral video have been arrested. Nonetheless, the accused students would be punished according to the penalties on them soon.

Moreover, it was also reported that the school got threats on social media before. Owing to which the concerns for the school safety have arisen including the worry about the attack on Shott. Yet he is currently struggling with his broken arm but is doing fine as stated by his mother. Not to be missed, the security following the attack on the teacher has been taken care of and has been strengthened.

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